About DQS

By smartly leveraging on our offshore engineers, we are able to one-up the quality of technology-oriented services. We use innovation to increase the efficiency of daily operations and tasks.

We want to transform your success into a reference for high quality, innovative and smart strategies in technology solutions.

Quality Assurance Services


Implementing a manual or automated QA methodology is aimed towards increasing deliverables quality throughout the whole software development process.

Ranging from analyzing the involved documentation, up to the different levels of development testing, its objective is to obtain a finished product with the quality that your users are expecting, as well as precise requirement fulfillment.


In order to save you costs from an economical and reputation standpoint, we will analyze your development process if desired, as well as propose activities before, during or after the development process that speed up the process of finding defects -the earlier we find them, the cheaper we can fix them.

Our quality deliverables can be a combination of written reports and logged defects in your preferred Bug Tracking System.

Our Services

Development Services

We want to know you. We want to understand your business. Together, we’ll come up with solutions that are 100% functional, modern and delightful. The Q in DQS stands for Quality.

Our Services

We want to understand and help your business succeed. We will analyze your requirements, existing infrastructure and technology compatibility, to provide the most appropriate combination of resources that meet your requirements.


Enrich your development team with talented, hard working, dedicated and motivated professionals located in a similar time zone and with a similar culture.

Reality Blending Services

We blur the line between real and virtual. We blend them into a new, mixed reality.

We have the talent, technology and know-how. Together, we will transform your ideas into unforgettable experiences.